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Rick Clemons

Listen here to Coach Suzy on the Coming Out Lounge podcast.


Do you feel isolated because:

  • You know you’re “different,” and it’s uncomfortable.
  • You have difficulty knowing when to open up in relationships.
  • You bend the truth to protect yourself or your parent, but you don’t feel good about it.


  • Feeling at ease in social situations and comfortable sharing your story.
  • Knowing exactly when and how to reveal your true self in relationships.
  • Embracing who you are and confidently standing up for yourself.
  • Having clarity around your own values, even if they are different from your parents.
  • Being proud of your family for who they are, letting go, and moving on with your life.


Coach Suzy

Coach Suzy

I am Coach Suzy and I work with adults who were raised by at least one gay parent. I help them overcome the unique obstacles they face, so they feel comfortable with who they are, and are able to develop healthy and satisfying intimate relationships.


If you like this page, please forward it to those you know who may benefit from working with Coach Suzy!

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